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Demystifying the Building Industry

The building industry is an integral component of sustained growth in Dane County, helping to create jobs and drive more business into local communities. While every project is different, they all involve careful planning and design, funding and public involvement.

Community and economic development departments and committees are involved in the planning process to ensure projects align with the municipality’s comprehensive plan and zoning and permit requirements, as well as with environmental and safety standards. Local residents may also contribute by attending public involvement meetings to voice questions and share their comments or concerns.

Funding for building projects can come in the form of grants, such as the Dane County Better Urban Infill Development (BUILD) program or through sources like Tax Incremental Financing (TIF), which provides funds to construct public infrastructure, promote development opportunities and expand the future tax base.

However, over-regulation and excessive increases to district connection charges can hurt the affordability of new projects. Fees associated with zoning approval and building construction applications, lengthy approval processes, changing building codes and multiple regulations with conflicting standards are some components that can drive up costs. In the residential building sector, for instance, an average of 24.3 percent of costs are tied to government over-regulation and associated delays.